Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The URL for my multiple choice online quiz is: http://www.classmarker.com/teacher/edit_test.php?test_id=58891#q863334

I did not get the opportunity to use my quiz on a group of students but am sure this will happen in the near future. I developed the quiz with the help of 'Jigsaw Maths, Level 3' (Linthorne & Doolan, 2004).
There are many advantages of online quizzes they save class time, students can take the quiz any time of day, less test anxiety for some students, there is immediate feedback explaining answers and they are automatically marked on the Web. Online quizzes can also provide an effective formative learning resource for students to practice and test their knowledge base.

If you want to test your knowledge, scores in these quizzes can easily show your level and where exactly you stand. You can use these quizzes to increase your knowledge because it also corrects you if you give any wrong answers. Many online quiz sites are free to use, so you don’t need to pay anything. You can also take these quizzes any place in the world that has an internet connection. It makes them very convenient and flexible. Several real time applications and multimedia files such as video, sound and high resolution imagery can be included with them to ensure responsive, personalized and interactive learning environments. (learn effectively with online quizzes, 2009)

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