Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wow that was a process and a half. I didn't think I was going to get through it all for a while, but I assume that it can only get easier now that I am more familiar with it all. Having said that it is a wonderful teaching tool that will certainly have its place in the 21st century classroom.

I have used a Powerpoint I created for 'Building Learning Partnerships'. The task was to develop a resource to contribute to student resilience. I chose to address students' self esteem and created a board game to this end. This is my board game introduction to a class of students. Made all the more interesting with the addition of Slidecast.

Slideshare could be used to introduce a unit of work for the term, a book report or an end of year summary. It adds a new element to Powerpoint Presentations you could develop a Powerpoint on any subject you choose there is limitless possiblilties to what you could create.

Slideshare could also be used to display student work on the Internet to share their work with parents, another plus would be cutting down on printing costs.

It is the teachers job to motivate students because, without motivation, there is no learning. I believe Slideshare used as a teaching tool represents an opportunity to motivate students and facilitate learning.

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