Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi fellow elearners
This is a photo by Rog Byrne of the Callide Power Station overlooking the Callide Dam or Lake Callide as they like to call it.
I opened a free account with Flickr and uploaded five of my digital pictures onto my profile page. After uploading my pictures, I searched for pictures of my local area and found many different photos to choose from. I saved this picture and posted it to my blog. Flickr allows the user to upload, edit, share, and organise images which can be accessed by friends and family or users from around the world. Maps can also be used to show where pictures were taken. (Yahoo7 , 2009).
This technology would have many uses in the classroom. Students could enhance their ICT skills by taking digital photos of excursions etc and uploading the pictures onto Flickr to share with students in other classes and schools as well as their parents.Flickr could also be used to search for pictures relevent to a classroom topic.Teachers ccould use it as a tool to engage students in visual literacy. By uploading a picture to an interactive whiteboard, students could write a creative piece based on the chosen image or alternatively they could search for images to add into their writing pieces as well as provide authentic pictures for presentations that relate to their current unit of work. Information and Communication Technologies support the development of flexibly delivered high quality learning experiences for students and Flickr is a prime example of such a learning tool.
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