Monday, August 17, 2009


Picnik is a wonderful tool for manipulating images, I managed to sharpen this favourite photo of the rock in the road on the coast highway heading to Newcastle, I made the sky a little bluer as well as choosing the type and colour of a frame to finish off the effect. I enjoyed the ease of use as it is compatable with the flickr tool. I found it to be a most enjoyable activity.

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  1. Hi Deb
    Allowing students to interact and manipulate media is a great way to engage them in various learning activities. Student's creativity can bring a SOSE lesson on Early Australian History to life with them using picnik in a power-point presentation to manipulate photos which allows them to connect with history as well as putting their personal touch to it. By applying existing knowledge, they generate new ideas and products. They interact, collaborate and publish their finished product for others to see. ICT Essential Learnings by the end of year 7 states that students:
    Routinely uses ICT when collaborating, developing, organising and presenting new ideas to enhance messages, information, stories, project plans and online communication (e.g. uses digital illustrations, sound, 3D representations, animations and video in non-linear and interactive genres).
    It’s a shame that teachers are still using computers as nothing more than fancy word processors. (My school included).