Monday, August 31, 2009

Power Point Quizz

National Institute
of Environmental
Health Sciences

Hi fellow elearners,
I now have a new computer so my elearning adventure is far less torturous then it was.
That was a lot of fun to do, I have a later version of Powerpoint (Microsoft Office 2007), which initially caused some confusion and a fair bit of searching, but once I had worked out what was required it became a breeze. This version is very user friendly.Students could easily produce media rich as well as automated presentations with this software. I believe the visual aspect of a presentation makes it very appealing to young learners.
I enjoyed creating my Optical Quizz and hope to share an extended version with my class before the end of term.
The URL for my quizz is:


  1. Wow Deb!

    What a senstational diagram and powerpoint quizz!!! The only thing was, I had to copy and paste your URL to get to it. Have you copied an address in Mediafire at all that is a direct link? If you put the embed address in people can click on the link and it goes directly to the document.

    Loved your work



  2. Thank you . To all participant, please have a look at our updated contest post.
    more templates easy to download